01/2022 – FOS & Isida Monthly Highlights

IDEA Reporting Team

IDEA Reporting Team

Key project developments in Jan. ’22

  • CL1, CL11, CL19, CL20: Special Ecological Assessment (SpEA) studies assigned. For CL19, CL20, SpEAs being part of EIA studies, need to reschedule delivery of ETA applications to 4/22 (eom).
  • CL11: Hydraulic/Hydrological study received (25/1). Stream-EIA study initiated and is subject to RWE’s feedback on preferred technical solution to be deployed.
  • CL15, CL18, CL19, CL20: Submission of LGs to RAE (art. 11A of Law 4685/20) required by Feb. 28th. For all four projects these amount to TTL EUR 10.2m, as per table below:

  • CL1, CL11: In communication with competent authorities regarding the exclusion from provisioning LGs, having filed complete application folders for FGCT issuance. In this regard, a request for granting ‘GCT folder completeness’ certificates have been submitted to IPTO (17/1). RAE has been informed for both clusters obtaining ETAs in accordance with art. 30 of Regulation for the Producer Certificate (28/1).
  • CL11: TPO positive opinion received (6/12).
  • CL18, CL19, CL20: EPHAO positive opinion received for PVs 19.01 (22/12), 18.01 and 20.01 (14/1).
  • CL15, CL18, CL20: Hydraulic/Hydrological studies submitted to regional environmental authority (14/1, 13/1, 3/1).